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First I will say this, I know there are a lot of women out there who don’t like giving or receivingoral sex. I understand east texas swingers that you may think that it is dirty or like in an Asian country some women have stopped as they think it is an evil sin. I will have to find out where this article is and perhaps publish the web address in my next column. Why am I writing about giving your man a blowjob in my column you may ask,well I believe that houston texas swingers if you please your man like he tries to please you, then to please him will please you too. When giving a blowjob, giving head or going down on your man, did you know that this form of sexual gratification too could turn you on?

Hot Blow Job

How swinger club dallas texas do you give the perfect blowjob?

Hehehehe, blowjobs, bjs hmmmmm texas swingers network good topic don’t you think?

Giving a blowjob can dallas texas swingers be such a turn of for both parties so try it before you say you don’t like it.

Once again like with swingers club in dallas texas the guys you both need to be comfortable with it. If you feel that it is not a clean tool then have a shower together. Ladies take it in your hands, grab the soap, lather it up and wash it, play with it, see how it responds to your touch.

If there is room austin texas swinger in the shower, kneel down in front of him and look closely at it, see how clean it is, before flicking your tongue over the tip. See how clean it is Now you know that it’s clean because you helped wash it thoroughly, Close your mouth around it and feel it grow hard in your warm, moist mouth.

Take control and enjoy west texas swingers it as much as your partner!!

If you are being odessa texas swingers sensual and your partner tries to thrust causing you to deep throat and gag when you are not ready, grab him gently with you teeth, not tight enough to break the skin but tight enough to stop him

Do not break the swingers club houston texas skin

if you do all the romantic desires will have gone!!!!!

Ladies use your tongue, swinger club in houston texas flicking it backwards and forwards as you suck. You can do both at the same time. Trust me on that one

Now if you feel houston lifestyle swinger texas comfortable sucking him in the shower, get off your knees and head to somewhere a bit more comfortable, like the bed, continue what you were already doing but in a different position.

Ok first if you austin texas swingers club have lube like KY jelly handy grab that before getting onto the bed, flavoured is great.

Have your guy lay sex swinger texas down on the bed, kneel between his knees, squeeze a little bit of the lube, covering both hands

Take his penis into texas swinger magazine your hands, see how slippery and sensual it is, gently massaging the shaft with both hands, occasionally teasing the head paying particular attention to the underside of the head.

Remember that you must texas swinger personals be gentle that is why I keep referring to that particular word.

Now ladies hold on to his cock, use your tongue flicking over the head, lick the head all over and use the flat of your tongue to cover more area, gently suck on the head, sucking it into your mouth at the same time flick your tongue back and forwards around the head. Pay particular attention to the Frenulum (the underside of the penis), as it’s the most sensitive part of the glans (the head of the penis).

Tease him and please him at the same time, you can do it!

Run your hands over his inner thighs as you mouth moves on his shaft. Lower your mouth over his shaft and the trick to taking in as much as you can to deep throat is to breath out as you are taking him in. I know this is a big ask, but concentrate on your breathing at the same time to avoid the uncontrollable urges you may get. I won’t go into detail, but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

As you suck him deep into your mouth and with your hand around the lowest part of the shaft pump him gently as your mouth rides his hot swollen penis.

As a bonus for your partner with the hand that is almost free, gently massage your partner’s testicles. Squeeze them, hold them, run your finger nails over them there’s that word again gently, and at the same time sensually play with them.

Now the choice is yours. If your partner is your long-term partner and you feel you would like to taste him and swallow his cum, then read on, if not skip this paragraph and go on to the next Your partner’s cock is throbbing with anticipation as your tongue works it’s magic, you taste his pre-cum it’s salty but nice, you wrap your hand firmly but not too tight around his cock, with your mouth sucking him deep, keep sucking as you pump him faster and faster Keep stroking him until you feel his cock throb and suddenly he explodes sending his hot creamy cum down your throat Look at him and lick your lips to show how much you enjoyed sucking his rod dry

For the ladies who don’t like the taste, when you feel your partner’s cock throbbing and you feel his hips starting to thrust against you, take your mouth of his penis and with your hand wrapped firmly around his shaft pump faster and faster. Let your partner tell you how fast and how hard to stroke him as he gets nearer and nearer to dropping his load for you.

As he ejaculates let him know that you are excited too. I love watching a guy cum so as he is crying out in pleasure, if you are enjoying it too then I am sure you will know what to do Taking control of your partner’s orgasm ultimately is a turn-on; learn how to give that special blowjob as it can ultimately be a satisfying experience for all involved.

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