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Swingers Lifestyle Classification
Soft swinging

Watching another couple during swingers sex party picture sexual relations. May also include foreplay with other partners, sometimes including oral sex but no vaginal penetration. Can add spice to a couple’s relationship & allow them to have fun without the risk of disease or jealousy. Many couples start out as soft swingers as they first explore swinging. But don’t think party picture swing swinger that soft swingers will always convert to full swapping.
Closed swinging

Partners swap, but have swingers sex sex in separate rooms. Closed swinging allows for a more intimate experience. Some people feel it allows them more freedom to explore & fewer interruptions of their enjoyment.
Open swinging
Partners swap & have group sex swingers sex in the same room, or bed. This includes orgies & is great for exhibitionists & voyeurs, who can show off or just enjoy watching their partner play. Some people find open swinging allows for total release of the sexual desires & fantasies. In order for open swinging to be successful, none of the members of the swinger sex video group can be jealous.

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